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The McCubbin children had all of their elementary and most of their high school education in Pacific. While attendingThomas Hazle McCubbin and Molly school Jack also helped his father with the store and Post Office. He hauled the freight and bags of mail from the train to the store. For years the only transportation they had was a cart drawn by Molly the horse, who was almost one of the family. When he finished school he spent two summers prospecting for gold with small success. He also had a trap line. One year he spent working in Dawson City and Whitehorse in the Yukon which was quite an adventure but not very remunerative. Then he got work in the Kelly-Douglas warehouse in Prince Rupert where he was working when his father died on February 8, 1939 and he had to go back to Pacific to run the store until it was sold to Peter and Hilda Mark in 1941.

Jack, Norma, Elizabeth, Tom, Lizzie & Beth McCubbinNorma took her last year of High School in Prince Rupert, 1931-1932, which was where I met her. After graduation I was invited to her home for a holiday which is when I met the McCubbin family and saw Pacific for the first time. Norma took teachersí training at the old Normal School in Victoria, with the clock in the tower, which is now Camosun College. Her first school was at Woodcock on the Skeena River, then Prince Rupert. She married Clinton Halliday August 4, 1939 and lived in Prince Rupert. She had a daughter and a son.

After Tom died, Lizzie made her home with Norma in Prince Rupert. She visited Beth in Saskatoon and Jack and I in Victoria. In fact she stayed with us and looked after my daughter and Jack when I was in the hospital having our second child which I appreciated. She developed cancer  and had surgery in Prince Rupert General Hospital from which she never recovered. She died on January 11, 1951 at the age of seventy years.

Norma went back to teaching in Prince Rupert for several years. She also had cancer but taught for about two years until she had to give it up. She died November 30, 1960 in the Prince Rupert Hospital at the age of forty-five years.

Beth had some of her high school in Terrace and the last year in Cumberland on Vancouver Island where she boarded with Reverend and Mrs. H.T. Allan. She then took nursesí training at the Prince Rupert General Hospital, and continued on the staff after graduation.

She was there in February 1939 when her father, Thomas Hazle McCubbin, came in for surgery and died a few days later at the age of sixty-one. His death was a terrible shock to the family as the surgery should have been routine. He was greatly missed in Pacific in the store and Post Office. He was also Mining Recorder, Notary Public, and general advisor and helper of the whole community. Many a hungry prospector was given a grubstake by this kindly man. Beth married Leo Siekawitch (later changed to Spencer) who was in the air force and stationed in Prince Rupert. The wedding took place at Normaís home and Jack and I were also present as Jack was on embarkation leave. Jack went overseas shortly after and spent time in England, Germany and was in Holland at the end of the war. After his safe return we had another visit with Norma and Lizzie in the autumn of 1945.

John Carmichael McCubbin, Haultain Variety Store, VictoriaBeth and Leo lived in Saskatoon after the war where Leo took his degree in mechanical engineering. Then they moved to Edmonton where they have lived ever since. They have two sons.

After Jack returned from the war he had a Variety Store and Post Office on Haultain Street, in Victoria, British Columbia, for over twenty years and until he retired.